[theme-reviewers] Multiple Theme Authors OK?

Merci Javier mercijavier at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 00:09:27 UTC 2012

Are multiple theme authors OK for themes submitted to the Theme Repo? Or
does it require exemption request? I know of at least two themes which are
being collaborated on by 2 to 5 individuals during free time and stylesheet
header would have only one theme URI and one author URI like this:

Theme Name: Buddy Bubba
Theme URI: http://buddy-bubba-for-example-only.com/
Description: Compatible with WP 3.4/BP 1.5.5+. Cool responsive Bubba Golf
Author: bubbaone, bubbatwo, bubbathree, bubbafour, bubbafive
Author URI: http://buddypress.org/
Version: 1.0
License: GNU General Public License
License URI: license.txt
Tags: buddypress, green, white, translation-ready,etc

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