[theme-reviewers] The current custom of leaving tickets open for conversation.

Emil Uzelac emil at themeid.com
Mon Jun 11 01:17:15 UTC 2012

I see this a lot lately, ticket gets assigned from a reviewer to a trainee
and it just sits there for over a week. Author doesn't ask a damn thing,
reviewer who knows where and trainee, of well, maybe didn't even get the
notification from http://make.wordpress.org/themes that ticket was assigned
to him.


On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 7:55 PM, Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) <philip at frumph.net
> wrote:

> While we want to have more communication with the end user, there are some
> instances where assigning a ticket and leaving it open waiting for
> responses are done on inappropriate situations.
> If a ticket is not approved but not set to not approved.   It's done, it's
> not approved, close it - if the theme developer has any questions and
> responds to the ticket - reopen it if necessary and then tag it as
> approved. Leaving it open for days at a time is not necessary, tickets can
> be reopened and adjusted.
> Tickets like this: http://themes.trac.wordpress.**org/ticket/7973<http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/7973>
> Where a reviewer is waiting for a response in a such "see older ticket" is
> unnecessary, the theme developer was very cordial and made a huge amount of
> adjustments.   Check the things he needed to fix from the older ticket, if
> not done give it a cursory review on top of it and respond that the
> previous requirements were not meant with the other information.   Check
> the Diff, this ticket has a lot of CSS changes so a theme unit test visual
> would be a good idea as well.   Leaving this ticket open is not necessary.
> Conversation regarding not necessary to use get_template_part is valid and
> this should be finished up.
> --------------------
> It's my opinion that if tickets are still open 2 days later without
> dialogue with the theme developer that anyone can pick it up and finish it
> and get it closed.  (i.e. admins)
> Having them open for long periods of time is not in the best interest of
> everyone.
> So, if you plan on keeping a ticket open;  Think twice on the necessity of
> it.   Communication with the end user can still continue with the ticket
> closed - and tickets can be reopened if the the conversation becomes valid
> for the theme developer.
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