[theme-reviewers] The current custom of leaving tickets open for conversation.

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Mon Jun 11 00:55:48 UTC 2012

While we want to have more communication with the end user, there are some 
instances where assigning a ticket and leaving it open waiting for responses 
are done on inappropriate situations.

If a ticket is not approved but not set to not approved.   It's done, it's 
not approved, close it - if the theme developer has any questions and 
responds to the ticket - reopen it if necessary and then tag it as approved. 
Leaving it open for days at a time is not necessary, tickets can be reopened 
and adjusted.

Tickets like this: http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/7973

Where a reviewer is waiting for a response in a such "see older ticket" is 
unnecessary, the theme developer was very cordial and made a huge amount of 
adjustments.   Check the things he needed to fix from the older ticket, if 
not done give it a cursory review on top of it and respond that the previous 
requirements were not meant with the other information.   Check the Diff, 
this ticket has a lot of CSS changes so a theme unit test visual would be a 
good idea as well.   Leaving this ticket open is not necessary. 
Conversation regarding not necessary to use get_template_part is valid and 
this should be finished up.


It's my opinion that if tickets are still open 2 days later without dialogue 
with the theme developer that anyone can pick it up and finish it and get it 
closed.  (i.e. admins)

Having them open for long periods of time is not in the best interest of 

So, if you plan on keeping a ticket open;  Think twice on the necessity of 
it.   Communication with the end user can still continue with the ticket 
closed - and tickets can be reopened if the the conversation becomes valid 
for the theme developer.

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