[theme-reviewers] Upselling standards?

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 21:06:29 UTC 2013

I think there's a common disconnect with what's required and what reviewers
think is required, and of course things change too.

Also, I'm always lobbying for reviewers to clearly define and separate
requirements and recommendations in their reviews which is another issue.
I've contested dozens of things that reviewers have implied was required
and that I must change in a theme and often been cleared after an admin's
second opinion proved me correct. But, admins can make mistakes too, we're
all in this together.

Unfortunately, there are pros and cons to an unpaid volunteers system. The
biggest con obviously being that of misinformation because it's not like
we're all vetted and put through vigorous training.

To answer your question, in my opinion as long as the URLs are relevant to
the theme and/or the theme's company in that they're educational,
promotional etc in the confines of relevance to WordPress, be that themes
or plugins, that it's appropriate.

Obviously, if your company also sold boats, that would be inappropriate to
link to. I think it's common sense what's relevant and fitting and what
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