[theme-reviewers] Upselling standards?

Bruce Wampler weavertheme at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 20:48:46 UTC 2013

Thanks for all the feedback.

I'm afraid I missed the discussion about allowing a new Appearance menu
item for upselling stuff. I really thought the standards had been much more
strict. Way back I was asked to tone down some of the upsell links I had.
I'm not necessarily against it, just didn't know the rules had relaxed from
what I remember them being.

So it really is a bit of a relief to know we can be more aggressive in
upselling stuff, or linking to the "recommended plugin" for the stuff that
got moved out. It will be great to have a notice about the companion plugin
on the Plugins admin page.

And while I personally don't like big, splashy pages to upsell, that is a
marketing choice, as I noted. I will get to work adding more upsell links
for my themes, even if they are a bit more subdued.

So, one more question. I started out with one theme, have the support site
with the theme's name. Have added a second, again with a specialize theme
site name. But I'm wanting to keep these specific sites, but also would
like a theme house site name. Can themes use more than one url for
different links on the backend, or does everything have to route through an
intermediate page on the theme's main link on the one allowd front end
link? It would be nice to be able to use two base urls - the theme specific
one, and the theme house url for the backend. Allowing a bunch would
clearly place a burden on the reviewers, but allowing just two should not
be that difficult to track. (And I assume themes can still have additional
help links to well-known sites like google, w3schools, or to recommended
plugins at wordpress.org.)
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