[theme-reviewers] About My Theme "Infinity"

David Law wp-hackers at google-adsense-templates.co.uk
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As a premium theme developer who hasn’t submitted their theme to the WordPress theme repository I could theoretically be on the other side of this issue one day, named my theme “Stallion SEO Theme” which should be unique enough. I would be curious what would happen if another theme developer tried to obviously ‘squat’ a theme name that’s unique enough that it’s highly unlikely to be a mistake? Infinity is so generic it would only be a matter of time before someone used it, Stallion SEO Theme unlikely.

Not your fault this has happened, there’s at least one way for premium theme developers to hook into the WordPress auto update feature, I use this one http://w-shadow.com/blog/2011/06/02/automatic-updates-for-commercial-themes/ when added to a theme, the theme acts like a theme in the repository with regards updates. Not sure what would happen if a theme with the same name was added to the repository as well while using the above. I’ll have to check with a test site and if it does add the code others have suggested. This is why I subscribe to this list, keep an eye on what’s going on 

I assume you’ve started at version 1 for your theme, you could suggest to the other theme developer to go to say version 10 so it’s highly unlikely the themes will clash again, would be a really quick fix for them.

Also since you already have the Infinity name in the repo, if they do eventually submit to the repo they’ll have to choose another name.


From: Mike Dave 
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Subject: [theme-reviewers] About My Theme "Infinity"

Hello Admin, 

My Theme Infinity is available to public in WordPress Repo. I have submitted my theme by keeping the WordPress Guidelines in mind especially about name. I have searched the WordPress directory for the name "Infinity" and there was not any theme related to Infinity, so i decided to choose the name.

Now i have received an email from PressCrew and a part of email is as follows,

  Congratulations on your Infinity WordPress Theme, it's looks great. Sadly there's a big issue that has popped up for our WordPress project that has the same name.
  Our Infinity is also a free WordPress Theme and has been released about a year ago (http://infinity.presscrew.com). We've build a great community of users of the past year, and it has become a valuable tool our users. Currently our theme is in beta 3 and thousands of people have downloaded it.
  Why am I telling you this? Because today all our users got prompted to update to a new version of Infinity through the WordPress dashboard. We were extremely confused because we had not pushed out any update (since the theme is not yet in the repo!). It turns out that it's actually WordPress thinking that your version of Infinity is the theme that's being used by our users. In practice this means that several of our users have accidently overwritten our theme with yours. I don't have to tell you the implications this has for our users.

So what you people suggest me about this issue.
Waiting for response.

Take Care

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