[theme-reviewers] No one is getting back to me.

Yvonne Janssen yajanssen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 01:26:50 UTC 2012

Any idea, who can help me, where can I find help. I tried Wordpress,
Woothemes, the website of plugin support, website of add-in support. No one
is getting back to me.

I downloaded the plugin “Gravity Forms” and the add-on Gravity Forms +
Custom Post Types.

I put a form together and uploaded it to my website and named it "Add Your
Listing" in my menu. There are 3 taxonomies: Categories (Classification),
Towns and Counties
I want to use the ”Gravity Form” instead of the original form of the
Listing Theme.

The original form when submitted would then automatically populate (I
believe that is the term) the Listings (in my case I called it Members) as
a draft.
After which I have to approve it before I upload it to my website.

The “Gravity Form” looks wonderful on the website, but when someone fills
out the form and submits, I do not see the draft in my "Members". I only
can see it under Forms/Entries. And have to manually create a new listing
(member), which brings me to the taxonomy fields.

I see in my Taxonomy fields a number (I believe a value), while I really
would like to see the name of I my taxonomy as the user sees it.
Hopefully someone can help me, please.


Have a Nice Day
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