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Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Tue Oct 4 15:58:50 UTC 2011

The number of incoming tickets per month continues to climb steadily, but
slowly. We are up to approximately 12 tickets per day:
And here is the monthly workload trend:
As you can see, the total number of reviewers per month is also trending
upward (note the spike, around the time that Justin Tadlock published his
blog post calling for help with Theme reviews); however, note the high
standard deviation, which in this case is indicative of a small number of
reviewers performing the bulk of the reviews in any given month.

We can keep up with the incoming workload, if we average about 13 tickets
closed per day.We're currently averaging 15 active Reviewers per month,
which would require an average of one ticket per day, per active Reviewer.

To improve that number, we either need to get each active Reviewer (the bulk
of whom review 5 or less tickets per month) to review considerably more
tickets per month, or else we need to get more Reviewers active per month.

We have enough total Reviewers now that if everyone who has ever reviewed a
ticket would review one ticket per week, we would keep up with the incoming

My ultimate goal is to improve the percentage of approved tickets, and a
reduced number of tickets per Theme, which will drive down our total
workload. As you can see, this has been difficult:
We generally hold steady at about 20-25% of tickets  (not including
closed-newer-version tickets) being resolved as approved - though this past
month we did have a nice up-tick. I don't currently have a reliable means to
measure total number of tickets required per approval, although I would
really like to track this metric.

So, that's where we are right now. As always, we're open to any ideas for


On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 9:39 AM, Kirk Wight <kwight at kwight.ca> wrote:

> That's a great idea - keeping that #2 queue as empty as possible would be a
> huge boost in consistency, from a users point of view.
> Out of curiosity, have you noticed any trends regarding increased
> submissions/workload? Maybe times of the month or year, or right after a
> WordPress point bump?
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