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#11817: Better Menu Management
 Reporter:  scribu          |       Owner:  scribu  
     Type:  task (blessed)  |      Status:  accepted
 Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  3.0     
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Comment(by filosofo):

 It's great to see the interest in this ticket.  I think rather than
 getting caught up in too many details too soon, we should start with the
 big picture.[[br]]

 It seems to me that there are 4 somewhat distinct areas of menu

  * ''Admin UI experience'': how the user determines the structure of her
  * ''Menu logic'': how the menu data is stored and the algorithms that
 determine things like the current active menu item and whether certain
 sub-menu items should be active.
  * ''Final markup'': how the menu is rendered (a list, or nested divs,
  * ''Styling and behavior'': CSS and JavaScript affecting menu markup.
 (In my opinion these are best left to the theme.)

 Considering those areas, how would you answer the following questions?
  * ''What do you think users typically want?''
  * ''What are the best menu plugins doing and why?''
  * ''What do you see as the thorniest problems you'd like to solve?''

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