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#11817: Better Menu Management
 Reporter:  scribu          |       Owner:  scribu  
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Comment(by ryanhellyer):

 I was intending to write a plugin to do essentially what you guys are
 talking about here. I make a living from building menus from WordPress, so
 this is something I'm quite heavily involved in on a day to day basis.
 Unfortunately my skill area is CSS, and my PHP skills are not up to
 scratch for writing anything into core, but I'm keen to give input if

 My own concept was essentially what Scribu suggested above. It would be
 important to make sure there was a way to hook in extra menu options via
 plugins, ie: lists of posts, archives etc. etc.. This is essentially what
 my own plugin does at the moment:

 I'm working on a total rebuild of my own plugin at the moment (with much
 better PHP, current plugin sucks on that front). My new version also looks
 a lot better on the admin side. It doesn't use the "three dropdowns on the
 right" approach yet though as I haven't added the sort of complexity you
 guys are suggesting here (yet).

 My initial plan (before hearing this might end up in core), was to build
 my plugin with lists of potential menu items on the right, just as Scribu
 suggested, and there would be a drag and drop sortable list on the left
 like the PageMash plugin. Within those drag and drop items, would be the
 ability to click a pull-down to modify the menu item link titles, URL,
 text etc. It wouldn't be limited to just pages, links and categories but
 many, many other options. This would be too complex for core I think, but
 thought I'd mention it here in case the concepts are useful.

 I was planning to serialise all the options into a single option just like
 Ryan B suggested above. I actually thought there would be a better way to
 do it, so nice to know a core developer thinks it's a good idea too :)

 The users of my own plugin often give feedback on other plugins. The most
 popular one for modifying pages is the PageMash plugin. However I think
 froman118's MyPageOrder plugin is more simple and easy to use (plus
 PageMash uses MooTools).

 Why do you guys think that a new function is necessary? I thought that
 wp_page_menu() was ideal for this. And for extra menus,
 wp_page_menu('num=2'); (or something similar) could be used to designate
 that the second menu should be generated.

 If the wp_page_menu() function is used, it would be a good idea to add a
 way to modify the ID of the DIV or UL created. At the moment, only the
 class can be altered via the function which causes some problems as themes
 (Darren Hoyt's Gravy theme springs to mind) end up using a filter just to
 apply an ID to it. Adding this sort of functionality in by default rather
 than using a filter would be a nice addition IMO.

 I think that's enough of a rant by me for this morning. It's 4:24am and I
 haven't been to sleep yet so hopefully everything I wrote makes sense :)

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