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#6722: Support Forums: Timeframe to edit posts or to add further posts should be
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Comment (by zodiac1978):

 I would like to add my 2 ct here as I find there are some interesting
 points made, but burried in all the text.

 @Otto42 made a great suggestion in Slack:
 > If you want an idea to address the problem in your original ticket, how
 about you can edit until anybody replies? Eliminates the whole problem of
 people wanting to change the past.

 This would help people to optimize their own past if it gets no replies.
 This would be a great addition IMO.


 The other point is that auto-closing after 6 months. Coming from the POV
 of a plugin support rep this can be a problem. Sometimes features are
 needing more time than 6 months and I couldn't inform user about the new
 feature. Creating a topic just to ping them seems a bit too much. The same
 applies for new/better supporters or later found solutions or plugin
 adoptions/sells and a new team re-checking old threads ...

 How about allowing support reps and committers to open threads again or
 post in them even if they are closed, like mods/admins it can do.


 And the last point: After creating the topic I have 1 hour to edit it, but
 what if a mod answers 1 day later and asks for a URL to inspect the page.
 I cannot edit it and maybe I don't want it to be public.

 Allowing "private" (hidden for non-logged in visitors) posts are not
 available in bbpress, I think, and therefore I can't add my URL to the
 problematic site without exposing it.

 Private posts could fix it or allowing just the edit of the URL (but not
 sure if both is achievable in bbpress).


 All those things are valid problems and maybe we can tackle some of them
 at least for some user groups without opening edits for everyone at any
 time which would result in big problems (see Twitter not allowing edits).

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