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#6722: Support Forums: Timeframe to edit posts or to add further posts should be
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Comment (by abitofmind):

 Another use case:
 - Your website could live without a certain plugin/feature for the time
 - But e.g. 1 year later you find time for an overhaul/redesign and would
 like to integrate that feature, you had inquired on a forum support thread
 back then.
 - Easiest would be a short post like "Any news on this?" possibly with a
 good reason why the chances may now be better now like "Now that
 [https://example.com/link-to-issue/ obstacle XYZ was fixed in WP x.y.z]".
 - But your support thread on that topic is closed for new posts meanwhile.
 - You open a new thread and mention transparently this is a continuation
 of a meanwhile closed forum thread and link to the old one.

 1) Problems now: In at least one instance you moderators applied the
 policy in a contradicting manner:
 - The guideline for closed topics is: Create a new topic. Mention this is
 a continuation of a closed topic and link to the old topic.
   - One such topic of me was approved:
     - https://wordpress.org/support/topic/deduping-error-msg-also-for-
   - The other, composed in the same exact style, was deleted:
      - https://wordpress.org/support/topic/more-helpful-error-messages-in-
      - Only got published after I appealed in the Slack channel.
      - Was mis-classified as a "repost". After appeal the mis-
 classification was realized and the topic published: The old topic and the
 new topic were created by the same person (me) and in this case this is
 not a repost, but a legit continuation of a closed topic.
   - Please ensure this rule is applied consistently.

 2) Another downside of this, negligible, but I want to mention it for
 - Support forum posts get a permalink `https://wordpress.org/support/topic
 - You will repost that with a similar title.
 - So you "cludge the namespace". Search engines will have a harder time
 finding the "definitive article" on the subject in that domain.
 - Only a minimal downside as there are a lot of "-2" and "-3" permalinks
 in that namespace anyways (especially for short titles)

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