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#6722: Support Forums: Timeframe to edit posts or to add further posts should be
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Comment (by dd32):

 There's several topics raised in this ticket, and due to it's length,
 makes it easy to miss them. Ideally, these should have been distinct

 > Increase thread edit timeframe

 Strong pass from me here, it's not worth the problems it causes. The edit
 timeframe is for correcting small issues (Typos, formatting, etc) not to
 reframe the question or correct the initial thoughts. A follow up reply
 from the thread starter should not be seen as a failure.

 > Users arriving via search engine or consuming information IN the context
 of search engine results

 Thankfully search engine excerpts are super limited, and you'll almost
 always have to click through..[[BR]]
 Though, this ties into the next point:

 > Timeframe to add posts to a thread

 I've had this same scenario, where I land on a thread that was never
 replied to or wasn't resolved with the correct information.

 I don't necessarily think that adding extra time to add responses is
 necessarily ideal, but, content discovery could be better - It should be
 linking similar recent forum posts for a plugin for example, or other
 resolved topics that are related to the thread.

 We don't currently have a way for related-posts style suggestions though,
 this is likely something that may be viable through a better search engine
 integration for the Support Forums at some future point in time (It's not
 a simple task is what I'm saying).

 > And it was maybe only a few months old. Not years.
 I believe it's 6 months from last response, which is a short time, but a
 looong time for many topics.

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