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Thu Jun 9 00:40:02 UTC 2022

#6330: Give some priority to Block themes(FSE themes) in the WordPress themes
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Comment (by dd32):

 From a technical point of view, here's the three main options I see.

 1. Redo the front page to be more like the plugin directory. This was
 asked for a long time ago, but was put off as to do it **properly** would
 require some deeper changes to the directory theme. Due to some changes
 since, this is probably easier to do now in a hacky way.
 2. Add a new Tab `browse/block-themes` and set that as the default for
 w.org/themes, this wouldn't help WordPress installs though.
 3. Some strange logic behind the scenes to preference Block Themes in all
 views/searches/etc, ie. Every archive of themes would show the matching
 Block Themes, followed by the Classic Themes.

 Each of those comes with various tradeoffs, 3 is probably going to be
 awkward until there's a lot more themes present, 2 is simple but might not
 provide the intended effect, and 1 is probably the hardest out of all of
 them but will probably solve the needs here better than the others.

 I've just verified that https://github.com/WordPress/theme-directory-env
 works (and updated it with the newer headers) if someone wants to try any
 of those out.

 I've also added some development notes to the readme, see
 env/blob/trunk/README.md#development for getting started.

 The theme directory is well overdue to an overhaul, both technically and
 visually, which is why many changes just haven't been made IMHO. Changing
 the homepage (1 above) seems well overdue.

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