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#3550: Plugins search with countdown keyword does not work
 Reporter:  adamskaat         |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect            |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal            |   Milestone:  Improved Search
Component:  Plugin Directory  |  Resolution:
 Keywords:                    |
Changes (by Stephen Edgar):

 * keywords:  countdown =>
 * priority:  high => normal
 * milestone:  Plugin Directory v3.0 => Improved Search


 I believe this is most like as noted in #3327:

 > ...these plugins are not showing at or near the top for the same reason:
 they don't have the Tested up to: header set.
 > Setting that to a recent WordPress version (after testing of course!)
 should restore the expected behaviour.

 > If a plugin doesn't have proper headers, and it hasn't been updated in a
 while, then it should be harder to find

 The https://wordpress.org/plugins/countdown/ hasn't been updated in 6+

 > I hear all the arguments for not wanting to surface older plugins to
 people who aren't looking for them. But there's still this specific case
 of knowing which plugin you want to install, and not being able to find or
 install it.

 Searching https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/countdown/ results in no
 results found

 I'm leaning towards that the search results should surface the
 ''countdown'' plugin rather than return no results though how that impacts
 search as a whole I'm not sure of and will defer to the meta eam members
 familiar with this.

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