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#3550: Plugins search with countdown keyword does not work
 Reporter:  adamskaat         |       Owner:  (none)
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Comment (by gibrown):

 Should be all fixed now, and I've reindexed all plugins. Sorry for the
 slow fix I wanted to make sure I got enough review of the fix since it
 affects all of our indexing.

 The root cause is kinda crazy.

 The cause is:

 1. A doc with post meta of "2e47eb" (this was on the beeketing plugin for
 the color code of the header https://wordpress.org/plugins/beeketing-for-
 2. In addition to indexing the string, we try to index all meta as a long
 and a float.
 3. When php converts to a float, we get 2e47 (Whee!)
 4. When php outputs 2e47 it becomes
 200000000000000008769168609015239470926809530368.0 in the json. (Ugh!)
 5. ES indexes this fine, it doesn't fail. (Hmmm)
 6. Our search queries request a couple of fields beyond just post_id. Some
 of these fields are not "stored" so ES has to take the original _source
 json and reparse it to fulfill the request
 7. The JSON parser for extracting fields though apparently does not handle
 these large values in the same way as the indexing parser. So
 200000000000000008769168609015239470926809530368.0 is unparsable because
 it is so large and an error is thrown.

 Ultimately the fix is to have better boundary checking on the fields when

 Basically any search that was returning the beeketing plugin in the
 results was triggering this failure. "countdown" just happened to be one
 case. It looks like there was at least one other plugin that had this
 problem also. I can see from query logs that this fix has cleaned up a
 number of query failures (they were pretty rare, but had been getting more
 common). Not seeing any query failures now.

 Thanks for reporting this.

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