[wp-hackers] Got a question for you all

Shelly at Foolish Visions shelly at foolishvisions.com
Mon Mar 24 21:11:14 GMT 2008

 >>Why bother hacking this into Wordpress at all? What is it that your 
boss wants from Wordpress?<<

He's already using WordPress as the main part of the site - it's 
currently being used as a CMS.  He's the one who will be managing all of 
the input and providing the membership from the site itself.  He'd like 
to just have it integrated into the current wordpress system he's got 
running now, so he can manage everything from one spot.

When he first told me about it, I thought he would be the only one 
accessing this information 9therefore I thought it could be done by 
fudging with a few plugins I already new about that would insert the 
data into the database), but as the discussion went on, I realized that 
he wanted to basically manage it all, but allow a sort of "social 
networking" type of thing to go on between newspaper editors and funeral 
directors (and BuddyPress isn't out yet!) I didn't know if it could be 

So I figured I'd ask the guys who know best - which would be you all, 
just to get your input.  I know WordPress can do a LOT (and I know that, 
if I were given time, I could even get it to do this myself) but I 
didn't know if something this complicated could be done with 
already-exisitng stuff.


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