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Mon Mar 24 20:56:25 GMT 2008

This seems like a pretty specific feature list. Why bother hacking
this into Wordpress at all? What is it that your boss wants from

On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 4:52 PM, Shelly at Foolish Visions
<shelly at foolishvisions.com> wrote:
> My boss is looking to create a site that I'm not sure can be done
>  without a LOT of custom code being written.  I don't even know what to
>  search for in this case to see if it's possible with already-existing
>  plugins or some simple functions or something.  Basically, if it can't
>  be done simply (with existing plugins and/or some small edits) then he
>  doesn't want to do it - he doesn't want to get too involved with
>  custom-plugins and testing and all that.  So I told him I'd ask you all
>  - if anyone would know, I believe you would!
>  So, what we're looking to do:
>  WordPress site.  Owner of the site will maintain a database of
>  newspapers and funeral directors within the state (we'll keep it local
>  for now, but I can see this expanding to the entire country).  This
>  database will contain contact information (phone numbers, email and
>  snail mail addresses, hours of operation, fees, policies, etc.)
>  It will be a fee-based membership area.  When someone logs in, they can
>  search by town or zip code, and it'll bring up all the funeral directors
>  *or* newspaper publications within an X-radius.  End user should be able
>  to click on one (or more) checkboxes to select the publication (or
>  funeral director) and send a mass email containing an obituary.  File
>  upload are a must - the end user should be able to upload an image to
>  run in the paper.
>  I know, kind of a morbid subject, but that's what they're looking to do.
>   Initially, I was confused, because I thought it would be one person
>  managing the database, but as it turns out, they *alsO8 need an area
>  where each FD and newspaper editor can log in and change their info as
>  needed.  So I figured you could use the usermeta/userextra stuff to add
>  to the profile and let them edit that way.  But I didn't know if there
>  were any already-available plugins, or some code you all could point me
>  to that could make the rest pretty easy to establish.
>  Has anyone done anything like this?  He already has a database of zip
>  codes that is supposed to be easily integrated into the search form (I
>  haven't seen it yet, so I'm taking his word), but I don't know how I
>  would make this member-based, and how to allow for the multiple-sending,
>  and all that stuff.  (Sorry, I'm running on 3 hours of sleep and one cup
>  of coffee, so I'm kind of rambling)
>  I'd appreciate any input/point in the right direction/smack in the back
>  of the head you all could provide.  I know I could do this on my own if
>  I had time, but I don't - which is why he's looking for something quick.
>  Thanks!
>  ~Shelly
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