[wp-hackers] wp-filesystem

spencerp theone.andonly.mr.awesome at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 03:10:25 GMT 2008

Jacob Santos wrote:
> Basically what Mr. Awesome is saying (dude! Wicked sweet name),

Lmao! Thanks.. =D

> is that if you create a FTP user, you can add as many domains to that 
> user as you like. However they will all sign in with the same username. 

Basically, yes. I can connect to ALL my domains with this file-system... 
through the MAIN "spencerp.net" account FTP informations.. so if I go 
onto another domain, did the "update automatically (File-system) 
stuff... I could just enter my MAIN "spencerp.net" FTP informations.. 
and it'd connect.. because THAT domain is ALSO under the "spencerp.net" 
MAIN account...

So, I could be in admin/ panel for say "my-domain-number4", go to 
plugins section, click "update automatically" link, fill in FTP HOST, 
FTP USER, FTP PASS that I normally use on main account "spencerp.net" 
and it SHOULD WORK just fine.. I did it on VB and it works... I was just 
ASSUMING before, with the new "FIX COMMIT", that it would require each 
domain to have it's OWN FTP account / access stuff.. but it don't.

> To provide more security when more than one user is accessing that 
> FTP, you can create a new FTP user, but it will then create a new 
> directory structure and not copy the old one. You have to do that 
> manually after you move the domain to the new user.
> However, you can basically access any domain using the FTP before that 
> domain and it will point to that user.
> So lets say, I have santosj.name on one user and somedomain.com on 
> that same user. I can access the same directory structure using:
> ftp.santosj.name or ftp.somedomain.com. Which will both point to 
> /home/santos/ directory.
I'd reply to this, but my brain is SO confused as is, with all these 
various issues and stuff I'm trying to figure out.. LOL!

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