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DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Wed Mar 5 07:13:56 GMT 2008

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Allright, I'm glad to hear spencerp that it didnt do a mass-delete of files.. I got a bit worried there, Awhile back with some testing code i managed to wipe half my dev server when i forgot to comment out the delete command, Luckely it was on a static virtual machine, so it was only a reboot away.

re: Admin 404'ing, Thats not something I'm seeing on any install i've got access to, But it certainly sounds like something else.. not directly related to the change.. no idea what though
http://www.santosj.name/wp-admin/update.php?action=upgrade-plugin&plugin=altmailer/alt-mailer.php = I dont know why that'd be 404'ing, It redirects me to a login prompt, so it obviously realises its an admin page, and that i dont have access..

While testing with Dreamhost, I kept coming accross Stale NFS IO errors.. I'd try ftp'ing in, deleteing the update.php file, and doing another svn up, just so that the filesystem realises its updated maybe.. its just a pure guess..

I'm going to spend the next few hours writing up a simple plugin which spews out debug information for wp-filesystem, just so that those with problems can report back what its complaining about(Or what its *not* complaining about -- just as bad IMO :P)

I've not had that much experience with mainline webhosts, so quite a few of the setups are new to me, And its been awhile since i wrote the ftp-root-finding code.

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