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Jacob Santos wordpress at santosj.name
Wed Mar 5 02:59:01 GMT 2008

Mr. Awesome wrote:
> DD32 wrote:
>> Oh, Wait, I might've understood it wrongly, Are you saying it deleted 
>> *ALL* the wordpress files?
> It didn't delete anything.
>> If thats the case, Then something in the get_base_dir() function must 
>> be borked on your setup.
>> So, Your folder structure is as:
>> /home/user/...../vindictivebastard.net/public_html/wordpress/..
>> And when you login via FTP its locked to
>> /vindictivebastard.net/public_html/wordpress/.. ?
>> Or is it locked to a different directory?
>> Sorry about that, I guess theres a reason it should be only run in 
>> testing environments still..
>> Later this evening i'll write up a plugin that simulates a plugin 
>> upgrade but doesnt change the files, see if that turns up whats going 
>> wrong? 
> I'm not sure about anything being locked up like that, but I'm 
> guessing... that might be the case though. Because when I was entering 
> my FTP informations for updating that plugin via the "update 
> automatically (file system)" option... it gives me blog 404.
> See, when I added MORE domains on my main dreamhost acct. 
> "spencerp.net", I didn't assign each single NEW domain an FTP account. 
> I just slapped the domains on main account, and access ALL of them via 
> the ONE MAIN account one for "spencerp.net" ....
> So if I go under manage > vindictivebastard.net, give it's OWN FTP 
> account, it will automatically give an empty directory... even though 
> I can access the normal original one through the ftp.spencerp.net 
> host... if I connect to ftp.vindictivebastard.net with it's OWN one... 
> once logged in there... it will be empty directories..
> So I'd have to manually upload the WP files again to the "empty" VB 
> FTP directory account one, re-upload the original VB wp-config.php and 
> .htaccess files... and do it that way... which other downfall is, I 
> won't be able to use SVN on that... because when logged in through the 
> "plink spencerp.net" CMD method... I'm connecting through 
> "spencerp.net" account.. and not a vindictivebastard.net account...
> And I never figured out HOW-TO have TWO setup for doing SVN / Putty  
> on my Computer... So in short, if I add an FTP account to VB... I'd 
> basically be running without SVN and manually have to upload all the 
> 2.5 files again using my FTP client... because Dreamhost considers it 
> (VB) as being it's OWN domain account..
> I think it's like this currently:
> /home/my-main-account-username/vindictivebastard.net
> Being that it was just added to main account "spencerp.net" But, if I 
> wanted to give it's OWN FTP account, I'd have to create NEW user... 
> which makes it like: /home/NEW-account-username/vindictivebastard.net
> Which it would READ IT AS, an empty directory. Because all the files 
> are originally under:
> /home/my-main-account-username/vindictivebastard.net
> Doing this: /home/NEW-account-username/vindictivebastard.net Will be 
> like, setting up it's OWN domain FTP account, basically starting on 
> empty fresh directory location / install location. I'd have to connect 
> to that NEW one via a normal FTP client... upload the WP 2.5 files 
> manually... and original VB config/.htaccess files, then provide in 
> the "update automatically" fields.. the NEW VB FTP informations.. I 
> know this is a huge explanation.. but Dreamhost is complicated.. 
> .LMAO! Or, perhaps I'm making things more complicated then need be... 
> I dunno.. 

Basically what Mr. Awesome is saying (dude! Wicked sweet name), is that 
if you create a FTP user, you can add as many domains to that user as 
you like. However they will all sign in with the same username. To 
provide more security when more than one user is accessing that FTP, you 
can create a new FTP user, but it will then create a new directory 
structure and not copy the old one. You have to do that manually after 
you move the domain to the new user.

However, you can basically access any domain using the FTP before that 
domain and it will point to that user.

So lets say, I have santosj.name on one user and somedomain.com on that 
same user. I can access the same directory structure using:

ftp.santosj.name or ftp.somedomain.com. Which will both point to 
/home/santos/ directory.


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