[wp-design] Version 9.1

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Tue Jun 21 07:44:05 GMT 2005

> though I think the collapsable headlines background really rubs me the 
> wrong way. They feel like they haven't received the same attention the 
> menu has seen.

Have to second this. It's not as much the colors as it is the "plus / 
minus" parts. They should be more instantly recognizable from whatever 
OS people are running -- remember the "application metaphor"? I've added 
some new expand/collapse icons to my upcoming mockup for the same 
reason. Take Firefox for instance, they've made some nice icons for 
that, we can too.

> I'm with Joen though, I think tabs are a better solution. They are 
> just more instantly understandable, whereas it takes me just a little 
> longer to realize where I am when I look at the current menu.

I actually tried rearranging the mockup I'm working on now, to have a 
sidebar (as seen on that mac-like version), and a simple line as in the 
current ones. While I didn't end up with the glassy tabs again, I did 
end up with tabs. It's just so instantly decodable, nothing new to 
learn. Matt, I would love to hear your thoughts on tabs (not 
specifically with regards to the design, but with regards to having them).

This is really shaping out nicely. Kudos to Matt and Khaled for making 
things happen.


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