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Michael Heilemann heilemann at mac.com
Mon Jun 20 20:03:40 GMT 2005

I apologize for my recent absence (nothing new about that it would  
seem), but I'm pushing to get K2 out the door just now.

I like the colors in the current mockup; I wouldn't mind them being  
more lively and 'modern', but as such they work very well; though I  
think the collapsable headlines background really rubs me the wrong  
way. They feel like they haven't received the same attention the menu  
has seen.

I'm with Joen though, I think tabs are a better solution. They are  
just more instantly understandable, whereas it takes me just a little  
longer to realize where I am when I look at the current menu.

Apart from that I think it looks very nice. I wouldn't mind seeing  
the entire left menu relegated to a slide-in, but how usable that  
would be is questionable, so...

- Mike

On Jun 14, 2005, at 9:45 PM, Khaled Abou Alfa wrote:

> Okay I'm kinda pumped for the project right now, so I'll be firing  
> more of these as I get the ideas coming to me.
> The mini additions to notice here are mainly in the navigation  
> bars, both of them. Comments taken aboard:
> Chris I've made the text darker. Hopefully when it get's  
> implemented the slight ps murkyness is done away with and the text  
> pops up significantly.
> Joshua, I agree with you on the view site etc links. I'm thinking  
> about this right now, trying to come up with a way to have them  
> feel more right.
> Joen, if you need any help with your mock up just give me a shout.
> One of the things I've also done as you can see is made some space  
> for an icon. I just downloaded this icon from here: http:// 
> www.icongalore.com/sales/purchase-and-download.php . It's obviously  
> not what we're going to use, I'm just trying to illustrate a point  
> here. We would go about creating some WordPress specific icons that  
> would just make the admin panel a bit more cheerful and colourful.  
> I can understand the reasons not to use them since it eats valuable  
> real estate, however I think the benefits from having icons just  
> remove the preconception that open source isn't well put together  
> and colourful. It's just an idea.
> Psd from here:
> www.brokenkode.com/shuttledev/v9_1_shuttle.psd
> <v9_1_shuttle.jpg>
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