[wp-design] Version 8

Joshua Sigar jls_online at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 5 22:14:00 GMT 2005

> As for development, let's get the ball rolling
> people :).

1. How are we gonna implement this? Do we replace the
original files? Which would make it a cakewalk, or a
la plugin? Drop the files to plugin folder?

2. If going with a plugin, the javascript (DOM
scripting) would be intense as currently Post Status, 
Post Slug, Timestamp, Post Author are inside the
table. The javascript then has to move them to a
separate fieldset/div, and delete the previously
occupied rows in table. It's just like Live Comment
Preview but with way more complexity. It's feasible,
ignoring possibility of cross browsers incompatibility
and speed. Got something to say?

3. When javascript is disabled then all the fields
would be in expanded state and the plus/minus symbols
are no visible. Correct?

4. Can someone provide the ready to use graphics?
Especially the tabs, can you cut it a la stopdesign's
slidding door?


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