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You're completely right there hasn't been much talking after that mock up, I 
didn't reply straight away because I literally just got back from Lebanon, 
and I really wanted to comment on everything :). Internet in Lebanon is 
painful, seriously, so I just avoided it to be honest, which is why I didn't 
get back to anyone, just read things and made mental notes to comment when I 
got back.

>From my pov it's up to the three of us (you, michael and me) to keep bashing 
at each other and with the help of the other cats steer this boat in the 
right direction. May has been less than productive from myself and michael, 
but I'm reinvigorated. I'll comment on everything later on today, or 
tomorrow morning at the latest. Some aspects I really like of what you' ve 
done, other aspects I think they could use a little tweaking.

As for development, let's get the ball rolling people :).

On 6/4/05, Joen Asmussen <joen at noscope.com> wrote:
> Since last time, I sent a logo suggestion. There wasn't much feedback, 
> which is not a good sign. Still, I hope that by sending an alternate 
> suggestion that we atleast think longer before "jumping the gun" and 
> replacing the current logo. As it stands, I still strongly think the current 
> logo is *good*, and that a possible replacement should be *superior *in 
> every way, and not just "slightly better".
> Attached is a version 8 of the mockup. It is based on the latest one that 
> Khaled made, dated april 11th. Here are some of the changes in bulleted 
> form:
> * My logo suggestion, with a few tweaks. Remember, this is open source 
> design... it's not "the one right way", it's choosing the right alternative.
> * Glass everywhere!
> Let's face it, Glass sells. Since Apple's aqua, the glassy look has come 
> to represent style and quality. I think aspects of it work really well for 
> Wordpress, and other aspects definitely need tweaking, should glass be part 
> of the way we decide to go.
> * Bluish hue
> Looking at it now, the blue got a bit out of hand. Still, I'm going to 
> send this now, and maybe a revised one soon. The choice of using blue, 
> however, should come as no surprise: Blue represents seriousness and classic 
> quality. It feels welcoming, and makes complex operations seem simple.
> * Rounded corners. Don't know how well this is working.
> *What's next?*
> I'm not quite sure where the Shuttle development is standing right atm, 
> but in my opinion there's no reason why aspects of these mockups can't be 
> worked in at this point. For instance, the collapse/expand feature and some 
> of the rearrangings are things most agree on, right ?
> *
> PSD*
> If anyone wants it, just send me an email and I'll send it your way.
> Best regards,
> Joen
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