[wp-design] Second Draft

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Sun Feb 20 10:11:43 GMT 2005

Michael Heilemann wrote:

> If there's something I don't touch on, I obviously agree / go either way.

Good to hear, I was getting worried!

> Whatever we do, it just has to be better than in the current version, 
> where it's rather annoyingly placed. I don't personally see a problem 
> with placing it under the textarea, though maybe Joen has a good point 
> on 'stressing' the user.

Completely agreed. Let's see if we can find an even better placement.

> I must've misunderstood Matt the first time around, I meant: yes we 
> can have a minute counter, but honestly I would much rather have the 
> option of autosaving.

Great idea. I would think of it as a checkbox, though. Hmm. Maybe not. 
Checkboxes shouldn't do anything unless an attached button is clicked. 
Maybe this should be placed in the Options > Writing page? I really 
don't know.

We should also be careful not to make a feature overkill. IMHO, the 
current functionality of Wordpress is rather expansive already.

> I don't like their placement. Ideally I wish we could get rid of them 
> all together, but as it is, I would rather expand the sidebar a little 
> to make room for them...

We definitely shouldn't rid of them ... Movable Type users only have 
Trackbacks available, so if we remove them from WP we might lose a few 

>> Very very nice. I like it a lot. A couple of things:
>> I love the friendlyness, and the layout, but I'm a bit worried about 
>> the extra used space. Matt mentioned it as a comment to one of my 
>> earliest mockups: we don't want to use too much real estate up there. 
>> The idea is, i would guess, that it shouldnt' be necessary to scroll, 
>> to edit your post. So if things could be chucked a little together, 
>> I'd love it.
> I agree that we shouldn't have to scroll, but I do like the extra 
> space. A middleway between the two?

Indeed a middleway. 5px here and there makes up a lot. Which reminds me 
to a rather important thing I forgot to mention!

A blue line was added in the latest mockup, aligned to the top. While I 
like this (and the color), I fear that it's a bit too similar to the 
Movable Type interface:
(SQL is down, i'm talking to my host right now, but files still work).

>> As for the "Good evening" thing, I love it! PERFECT part of the WP 
>> brand. It is definitely friendly. How about the coders do some magic 
>> here so this message rotates through a couple of phrases akin to the 
>> setup? I.e. that funny tone during install that's come to be part of 
>> the WP brand? A "Hello Dolly" of the admin page?
> Like Flickr does it? :)

Heheh, exactly like Flickr does it. Except, with a WP twist.

>> However, I would like it that we come up with some more examples of 
>> this, especially when we go a-branding the interface. One option 
>> could be to let the tab width be related to the width of the text. 
>> Another option could be to rename "Presentation" to "Themes".
> I think there's a bunch of naming issues we'll have to take up; also 
> "Write Page".

Maybe we should start tackling these issues as well? Or is that a later 


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