[wp-design] Second Draft

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Sat Feb 19 13:54:42 GMT 2005

Very nice mockup Khaled, I like it a lot!

Khaled Abou Alfa wrote:

> I know the borders were a hot topic, I like them as they are, however 
> I will say that one of my favourite graphics in there is the little 
> white border that has a 1px gap and goes all the way around the text 
> input field.Would it be an idea to have this thin white border go all 
> the way around the actual text input fields?

Make a mockup. If it looks great, we'll go from there :)

>   1. I removed the actual white background around the entire post area.
>      I really like the application feel that it has without the
>      addition of the white area. It makes it less of a website.

For all reasons I can think of, you are right, and I'm sure this is the 
_right_ thing to do. There's just something about the previous border 
that I liked... Oh well. I can see the logic in getting rid of it.

>   2. I moved the entire post area and aligned it to the left. I think
>      that's where it should stick, and only increase as a maximum to
>      what we've currently got. I don't think it should be floating in
>      the middle of the page as it currently does. I guess we should be
>      using the real estate more properly?

This is something we should definitely discuss more indepth: left 
aligned vs. centered. Personally, I must admit to leaning towards left 
aligning it, but I kinda liked it centered as well.

I guess, if the tabs are left aligned, I think the rest should also be 
left aligned... for consistency. Anyone else care to share some thoughts 
on this?

>   3. I've removed the help links for a couple of the field, which I
>      thought were a bit un-necessary. Specifically the 'Title', and
>      'Post Status'

Initially, I think we should quite simply add "help" links to all those 
elements that have help attached to them currently.  (Look in the WP 
admin, click on the titles of each boxes). Though personally, I agree: 
title does not need help.

>   4. In the list on the right hand side, I've added a border and a
>      separator line underneath that. The line has got a dark grey and
>      then a white 1px line underneath it. I know very application
>      looking, but I think it works in the style without the white
>      border. One of the reasons for this is because there didn't seem
>      to be a clear separation between the items in the list. I also
>      increased the spacing between them

Nice. I would actually consider this a design element, rather than "just 
a separator". I like how it looks, and how yo use it to separating 
content. I do, however, think that once we really start designing the 
things, we should allow for this separator to get a second overhaul.
Personally, I rather liked the vertical dotline, but lets leave that 
open for interpretation.

>   5. It's very subtle and if you blink you'll miss it but underneath
>      the tab navigation I've added a very thin 1px white line under the
>      black line. I've got to admit that I need to think about the top
>      nav bar a bit more. I'm still thinking about this, so I don't have
>      any concrete ideas as such...yet

The whole tab area does need a little work. On one hand, we could just 
leave them alone (or do very little), on the other hand, this is where 
we could really show a WP brand / identity.

>   7. I've added a light grey box on the footer, and moved the wordpress
>      1.5 and support forum link to the right hand side, to align with
>      the end of the actual list. This I did simply because I was
>      experimenting. I liked it so I kept it in there. It doesn't work
>      with the header, which is why I'm thinking about how to go about
>      that, especially since it's got a white 1px border at the top,
>      which makes it slightly softer.

While I'm not entirely sure I like this box, it gave me an idea that I'm 
going to try out.
I'm inclined to think we should center the bottom text, though... such 
footer text usually symbolizes "end of the page", and I just think it 
works better when centered. On the other hand, that wouldn't necessarily 
be logical with a left aligned design. Hmm.

>   8. Retweaked the advanced section. I wasn't sure how you were
>      proposing on tackling this one Joen, so I just opened it up a bit.
>      Not ideal I'll be the first to admit that but I was trying to get
>      the ideas across so that we can build on that. I tried putting a
>      red border around that, but it didn't look correct to be honest.

Very nice. Indeed that area wasn't quite developed. I do like the idea 
that we can see all the contents of the advanced section, though..
Maybe "advanced" shouldn't be a panel as such, more like a headline?
I dunno.


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