[wp-design] A Quick Sketch

Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Thu Feb 17 12:05:03 GMT 2005

Very nice. I have some comments.

Khaled Abou Alfa wrote:

>I've taken from both a little here and a little there. I like how
>Michael got rid of the white and kept it grey. Didn't think it would
>work but it does add a great simplicity. While I've kept the actual
>lines around I'd much rather have the dark and white line motif you
>see in applications for those sort of things. I just haven't worked
>out how to make them work to be honest.
I think it's very nice.

>Now the major change I've done is the addition of the resources tab
>and putting the categories in a tab of their own. I think we should
>have a resources tab. There are soo many great things out there for WP
>that it's a shame that they're not highlighted for all users. Like the
>Codex and the wp-plugins repository and the wp-themes repository (once
>it's done).
Generally, I like this idea. But maybe it's doubling compared to the 
little "help" links ? How do you all like these, by the way?

>We could have links to specific sites that are of value like w3c in
>the presentation tab or whatever.
I'd prefer this on the dashboard. On the dashboard, however, I'm all for 
that idea.

>I've added some colour in the background. Remember that timestamp
>won't be up there all the time. I've also given them little buttons so
>that the panels can be hidden. I'm not saying that's the best way of
>doing things, just an idea that can be elaborated on.
I was thinking about collapsable menus in the same way, so I could very 
well support that. I'm just not sure I like them as they look currently. 
I'll come up with a suggestion soon.

>Also the advanced button, makes things simple by hiding the advanced
>features, but I think it should be easy to distinguish. While the
>arrow in general terms is something most of us get, should something
>as simple as a blue underlined text be more effective? Would both be
>more effective?
Disagree. The blue hyperlink "leads elsewhere", in peoples minds. On the 
other hand, the right angle arrow, signifies something that opens 
inline, atleast in OS'es.

>I've moved the user information to the side because I think it fits
>better there on it's own. I could be wrong.
I think perhaps we should let these two switch sides. I'm warming to the 
idea of having the logo in the top right.

>I've included my 'logo' just to indulge myself and see what it would
>look like. Matt you can ignore it :), just close your eyes and it
>won't be there :).
I like the logo shape, I think it's lovely. However, I think it's too 
"poetic, playful and oriental" to be associated with Wordpress. These 
are not bad qualities, I just think they're too far from what I think 
Wordpress should be.

>Also with regards to stretching, I'd really like to restrict that. I'm
>on a 1600x 1200 screen, it really doesn't look very tight when it
>stretches all the way across. Yes I understand the majority users are
>probably on 1024s, but I'd like to restrict it to what's shown in the
>jpg. Not have it spill any further, or to actually stop stretching
>after a certain value.
Once again, if  the coders can handle this, I'm game!

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