[theme-reviewers] Questions on my first review

Stuart Wider stuartwider at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 05:49:37 UTC 2013

Hi Chip, Emil (et al)

In light of these discussions I'd like some clarification on the guidelines
in relation to custom widgets. I'm in the process of self reviewing my new
theme before submission to ensure it meets requirements.

My theme is specifically designed to help people experiment with ad

The ad placement functionality is widget based, so it includes a simple
custom widget (based on the existing WordPress text widget) which allows
the user to paste some ad code into it, and then drag and drop it onto one
of the specially designed widget positions so the ad will show.

Its convenient for a user to have this custom widget in the theme itself as
it means they can just install the theme and start doing what the theme is
designed to do immediately with no extra steps or confusion.

Custom widgets are mentioned here
with the following lines...

Theme is *recommended* to incorporate the following WordPress core
features, but is *not required* to do so. However, if incorporated,
features must support the core WordPress implementation:

   - add_action(widgets_init), register_widget() (see Widgets
   – (if Theme uses custom widgets)

So that implies there is an expectation that themes may include custom
widgets in their design.

Given the closely tied nature of the design intention of the theme and the
custom widget, and the overall convenience factor for the user, will the
custom widget element pass review?
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