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Hi Everyone,

I still think the social button links should be allowed in themes, for
example see the Oracle website http://oracle.com, you will see the small
social media links in the footer.. the color,layout and rhythm with other
elements.. I believe it is very hard to achieve with plugins.. now what if
I want to change the location according to devices (responsive).. I think
theme developer want to control this.

some more examples

so many out there and we should not restrict this.


On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 11:19 AM, Stuart Wider <stuartwider at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Chip, Emil (et al)
> In light of these discussions I'd like some clarification on the
> guidelines in relation to custom widgets. I'm in the process of self
> reviewing my new theme before submission to ensure it meets requirements.
> My theme is specifically designed to help people experiment with ad
> placement.
> The ad placement functionality is widget based, so it includes a simple
> custom widget (based on the existing WordPress text widget) which allows
> the user to paste some ad code into it, and then drag and drop it onto one
> of the specially designed widget positions so the ad will show.
> Its convenient for a user to have this custom widget in the theme itself
> as it means they can just install the theme and start doing what the theme
> is designed to do immediately with no extra steps or confusion.
> Custom widgets are mentioned here
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review#Theme_Features
> with the following lines...
> Theme is *recommended* to incorporate the following WordPress core
> features, but is *not required* to do so. However, if incorporated,
> features must support the core WordPress implementation:
> -----
>    - add_action(widgets_init), register_widget() (see Widgets API<http://codex.wordpress.org/Widgets_API>)
>    – (if Theme uses custom widgets)
> So that implies there is an expectation that themes may include custom
> widgets in their design.
> Given the closely tied nature of the design intention of the theme and the
> custom widget, and the overall convenience factor for the user, will the
> custom widget element pass review?
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