[theme-reviewers] About My Theme "Infinity"

Mike Dave designcoralblog at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 10:32:31 UTC 2012

Hello Admin,

My Theme Infinity <http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/infinity> is
available to public in WordPress Repo. I have submitted my theme by keeping
the WordPress Guidelines in mind especially about name. I have searched the
WordPress directory for the name "Infinity" and there was not any theme
related to Infinity, so i decided to choose the name.

Now i have received an email from *PressCrew* and a part of email is as

Congratulations on your Infinity WordPress Theme, it's looks great. Sadly
> there's a big issue that has popped up for our WordPress project that has
> the same name.
> Our Infinity is also a free WordPress Theme and has been released about a
> year ago (http://infinity.presscrew.com). We've build a great community
> of users of the past year, and it has become a valuable tool our users.
> Currently our theme is in beta 3 and thousands of people have downloaded it.
> Why am I telling you this? Because today all our users got prompted to
> update to a new version of Infinity through the WordPress dashboard. We
> were extremely confused because we had not pushed out any update *(since
> the theme is not yet in the repo!)*. It turns out that it's actually
> WordPress thinking that your version of Infinity is the theme that's being
> used by our users. In practice this means that several of our users have
> accidently overwritten our theme with yours. I don't have to tell you the
> implications this has for our users.

So what you people suggest me about this issue.
Waiting for response.

Take Care
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