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Tue Jun 19 00:49:05 UTC 2012

Hey Otto --

You must get tired of answering that; maybe that info should go 
somewhere up on the .org / extend / themes site.  Then you can just link 
to it and say RTFM instead of answering the same question.  Possibly 
here? http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/about/

:: code bandit ::

On 6/18/12 1:36 PM, Otto wrote:
> Featured Themes:
> - Ordered randomly (notice that they shuffle when you reload the page).
> - No set criteria. They're what the people who manage the site think
> is cool or interesting.
> - They change whenever somebody feels like changing it. No fixed pattern.
> The Most Popular Themes are the most downloaded themes over the last X
> days, where X is a number that I'm not going to tell you.
> -Otto
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