[theme-reviewers] This is becomig a JOKE!!!

Central Victorian Irish Association info at cvia.com.au
Sat Jun 9 12:15:35 UTC 2012


Just forget about Figerty Theme.
I will no longer be contributing themes to the repository.
I have never read so much bullshit in my life as the last reviewer had written. Each reviewer seemed to have a different point of view. I give up because I think myself none of you have the foggiest idea what is and is not allowed in the repository and just decide, depending on what mood you are in, whether to approve a theme or not.
The theme was denied for some coding crap, which was part of the theme it was based on (twentyten), which IRONICALLY, is an approved theme distributed as part of WordPress, is it not? So, is twentyten not in violation of these so-called requirements?
It’s a load of crap.
And, yes, I know you will all reply and say “Well you should be following this and that....”. Guess what, I have been but the requirements are changed almost daily.

Have fun.
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