[theme-reviewers] Is each approved theme pushed to extended individually?

Satish Gandham satish.iitg at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 03:35:32 UTC 2012

New version of my theme Swift was approved yesterday, and the recently
updated themes list changed since my theme update was approved but my theme
update wasn't included ??


Also, can you please check the theme and consider including it in the
featured section.

Apart from having a very simple and easily customizable layout, here is the
list of features that make Swift special.

   - Clean responsive layout with a text widget specific for mobile layout.
   This widget is not displayed/loaded when the site is viewed on mobile
   - Neatly grouped color options where users can customize almost every
   element of the theme.
   - Option to import color schemes and share it with other Swift users.
   - Probably the only theme on the repository to have nofollow credit
   - Plugin compatibility settings where users can disable certain styles
   from the theme if a plugin causes problems or CSS rules clash.
   - Only the CSS and JS your theme configuration needs are loaded.
   - Uses base64 images to reduce the number of http requests.
   - Context aware hooks  http://swiftthemes.com/hooks-and-filters-in-swift/
   - Custom widgets.
   - User friendly error page  http://demos.swiftthemes.com/404
   - Image template

Screenshot of responsive layout ( Large image, 3.5MB)

Thank you for considering the request.
Satish Gandham
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