[theme-reviewers] Feature slider default links

CONNOR Wayne and Jill wayne at dubbo.org
Thu Aug 9 06:01:44 UTC 2012

Trent I can't see that you need to ask for an exemption.

The Credit Links is talking about… 'a public-facing credit link in the Theme footer.'

Your link is not a credit, it doesn't even stay as part of the page for very long, it's a temporary placeholder till the user puts their own link in. It's not intended to stay in the theme at all.

I would think that if it's not a permanent part of the theme (like a footer link or an opt-in credit link) then using EITHER (1) wordpress.org or (2) the theme URL or (3) the author URL or (4) example.com or (5) home_url() would give enough options to show how it works.

"However, the Theme Review team reserves the right to prohibit such optional text/links if, at its sole discretion, a Theme abuses this option."

I would say don't abuse it and it will be fine your theme has already been approved many times. 


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