[theme-reviewers] Two more questions

Caroline Moore calobee at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 20:23:17 UTC 2011

Thanks, Cais, for answering my first one! Two more quick q's and then  
I think I can wrap this one up.

Chip, you'd noted in a previous review of this theme "Theme must not  
disable comments on Pages, or require custom fields to enable."  To  
clarify, you meant that pages should *not* use custom fields to enable/ 
disable comments? Am I reading that right?

And a more general question: The theme is designed to display only  
excerpts on index.php, and does not use the_content() to display post  
content. This breaks some functionality--the "Read More" link does not  
jump to the "more" tag location. Is this OK? If so, should I make a  
note for the author to include a brief explanation in readme.txt to  
this effect?

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