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In the  future, please post comments specific to a given ticket/review *in 
the ticket*  first. That is the appropriate place to hash out questions or 
potential issues  regarding a specific ticket/review. I am copying this 
response to the ticket.  

Here is the ticket in question:

Here is the previous review, to which I was referring:

Please note Emil's review comment:

Your credit link in footer area is not by the _ Credit Links_ 
(http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review#Credit_Links)  guidelines:
<a href="_http://www.theaccountancy.co.uk_ 
(http://www.theaccountancy.co.uk/) ">The  Accountancy Partnership</a>. Both link and anchor text are  
considered SPAM/SEO Seeded.
Kindly adjust your link and resubmit your Theme.

Emil linked you to the Theme Review guidelines regarding credit links.  
Just to make it clear:

Credit Links
    *   Themes  may optionally designate  Author URI and Theme URI in 
    *   Theme  URI, if used, is required to  link to a page specifically 
related to the Theme. If a demonstration  site or page is being used, the 
content must be related to the theme  itself.  
    *   Author  URI, if used, is required to  link to an author's personal 
web site or project/development  website.

Specifically, your credit links (AuthorURI and ThemeURI) are not  

AuthorURI is a "personal accountancy" site
ThemeURI is a news/blog post about the Theme on the same site,  that has 
only a brief, two-paragraph description of the Theme. This is a  subjective 
determination, but given the nature of AuthorURI, you have a  
higher-than-normal standard of appropriateness to meet with  ThemeURI.



On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Darren Jamieson 
<_d.jamieson at stuckon.co.uk_ (mailto:d.jamieson at stuckon.co.uk) >  wrote:

I've submitted a theme to the theme repository and have  it disapproved by 
chipbennett with the comments that the Author URL and the  Theme URL are not 
appropriate, and that these were issues from a previous  ticket - yet 
previous tickets didn't mention this as being an issue, so I  think there's been 
some mistake. 
The first time the theme was refused was because of the  footer anchor text 
and link, which was amended. Can someone throw some light  on this please? 
The Trac reference is 5076. 

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