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Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Thu Sep 1 15:57:20 UTC 2011

In the future, please post comments specific to a given ticket/review *in
the ticket* first. That is the appropriate place to hash out questions or
potential issues regarding a specific ticket/review. I am copying this
response to the ticket.

Here is the ticket in question:

Here is the previous review, to which I was referring:

Please note Emil's review comment:


Your credit link in footer area is not by the  Credit

<a href="http://www.theaccountancy.co.uk">The Accountancy Partnership</a>.
Both link and anchor text are considered SPAM/SEO Seeded.

Kindly adjust your link and resubmit your Theme.


Emil linked you to the Theme Review guidelines regarding credit links. Just
to make it clear:

Credit Links

   - Themes may *optionally* designate Author URI and Theme URI in
      - Theme URI, if used, is *required* to link to a page specifically
      related to the Theme. If a demonstration site or page is being used, the
      content must be related to the theme itself.
      - Author URI, if used, is *required* to link to an author's personal
      web site or project/development website.

Specifically, your credit links (AuthorURI and ThemeURI) are not

*AuthorURI* is a "personal accountancy" site
*ThemeURI* is a news/blog post about the Theme on the same site, that has
only a brief, two-paragraph description of the Theme. This is a subjective
determination, but given the nature of AuthorURI, you have a
higher-than-normal standard of appropriateness to meet with ThemeURI.



On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Darren Jamieson
<d.jamieson at stuckon.co.uk>wrote:

> I've submitted a theme to the theme repository and have it disapproved by
> chipbennett with the comments that the Author URL and the Theme URL are not
> appropriate, and that these were issues from a previous ticket - yet
> previous tickets didn't mention this as being an issue, so I think there's
> been some mistake.****
> ** **
> The first time the theme was refused was because of the footer anchor text
> and link, which was amended. Can someone throw some light on this please?*
> ***
> ** **
> The Trac reference is 5076.****
> ** **
> Thanks****
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