[theme-reviewers] Why the bias?

Satish Gandham satish.iitg at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 22:21:36 UTC 2011

Last updated of my theme was rejected saying I can no longer use
add_menu_page for themes.

Afraid of another 3 week wait time, I quickly removed the top level menu
without much arguments and added a sub-menu page under “Appearance” using
add theme page. Even after quickly making the suggested changes and
uploading the new version my theme was again pushed down in the queue.


-WARNING: admin/admin-core.php. Themes should use add_theme_page() for
adding admin pages.
Line 48: add_submenu_page( 'swift-options', 'Design Options', 'Design
Options', 'ediLine 49: add_submenu_page( 'swift-options', 'Import and Export
SWIFT options','Impor

And this is the reply i got when i brought this issue up on the theme
reviewers mailing list

If the Theme options *must* be separated into two pages (in most cases, one
page is sufficient; but there are exceptions), then just put the two pages
under "Appearance". Still no need for a separate, top-level menu entry


However, today I found a theme using add_theme_page() function approved, and
placed on top in featured list.

My theme had two options pages, while the above theme has only one options
page. Adding a top level menu makes more sense in my theme, but my theme was
rejected and the other was approved.

You insist on doing everything the WordPress way and reject themes that
don't adhere to your rules, but I feel that there is a double standard at
work. Below is just another example of an approved theme which appears to
violate basic theme terms.

The theme uses this styling for warnings
Aren't they supposed to be styled like this?

*My theme was voted as the most popular theme on WLTC, *

its been on most popular themes list for several weeks (though it is not on
the featured list, 11 of the 15 popular themes are popular because they are
featured, and the other 2 are popular because they were featured recently)

*3 Million pages are powered by my theme.*


Still, My theme doesn't qualify to be on the featured list.

I don't understand how the featured themes are selected, can anyone point me
to the guidelines on how the featured themes are selected?
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