[theme-reviewers] My First Suggest-Approval *sniff*

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Sun Sep 12 22:14:40 UTC 2010

But why *shouldn't* it be a requirement?

(Seriously: I'm open to valid arguments here. None of us know all use cases
and potential issues.)

Here's my thinking: unless the Theme is doing something super-complicated
with user levels that can't be one-to-one replicated with user roles, they
should be using the latter. Especially if the issue is doing a
search/replace for a text string containing a number with a text string
containing a role. Also, user roles have been around for almost five years,
which should be plenty of time to replace user levels.

Sure, there is some concern with newly deprecated functions. But even then,
we've stated up front that we're giving at least a month grace-period from
release of the WP version in which the deprecation takes place - and
functions to be deprecated are announced *far* in advance of
version-release. Theme/Plugin devs bear the responsibility to follow WP
development, and to keep their code current with core changes.

I guess, what I'm saying is that I don't think "it's inconvenient" or "it's
more work than I'm used to" is an inherently valid argument against a Theme
Review guideline. (Not directed at you, but to others who have implied as
much in other arguments.)


On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 4:53 PM, Chris <chris at thematic4you.com> wrote:

>  Let me pick up this part “.. it all depends on the deprecated call”.
> The Carrington Core uses a user level in its add_submenu_page() call. The
> user levels were replaced in WP 2.0 and deprecated with WP 3.0 (checked this
> against WP 2.9.2), but debug tells me deprecated since 2.0.
>  In this case I would recommend to replace the user level with a role /
> capability. At this time I don’t see this as an requirement.
> Chris
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> That's not to say that theme authors shouldn't be encouraged to rectify
> notices on future theme submissions, or that the tolerance level shouldn't
> go down on successive submissions by that author. But it all depends on
> the notice, and it all depends on the deprecated call. If notices and
> deprecated calls cannot be properly evaluated for severity, then they should
> not be evaluated at all.
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