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Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Fri Oct 8 17:59:54 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Edward Caissie <edward.caissie at gmail.com>wrote:

> I agree with the idea of new reviewers having some sort of workflow to
> follow to make the initial reviews easier to get done; and, for these new
> reviewers to become more involved with the process.
> Although I understand the suggestion of a "Reviewer Trainee" group the
> basic premise is any community member can write a review for most any theme
> provided they follow the basic guidelines for writing a Theme review. We
> essentially have this already documented, perhaps it needs to be re-worded
> or re-written to take into consideration the recent changes in the Theme
> Trac management.
> IMO, if a new reviewer is not able to follow the outline(s) already
> provided putting them in a "Reviewer Trainee" group may not correct any
> potential issues but would create more administrative maintenance.

True; but what I'm envisioning by leaving the Trainee workflow as informal
would *also* lead to additional administrative maintenance. Without a
Trainee being able to assign himself a ticket to review, we (the Reviewers)
have no idea what ticket a Trainee is reviewing (or, we're dependent upon
them leaving a comment on the ticket, "claiming" it). I can see some
workflow "clashes" if a Trainee "claims" a ticket, only to have another
Reviewer complete the review for that ticket simultaneously (since everyone
is working from the FIFO model for the review queue).

Further: we have no direct way of knowing when a Trainee has completed a
review, since the Trainee cannot change the ticket status. We are again
dependent upon the Trainee reporting back to the Team, via email or

> Explaining and documenting the process to be used may be more beneficial
> than restricting what resolutions a new reviewer can use.
> Given all of the above still leaves me with a question, or two: do you see
> a great influx of new reviewers around the corner; and, how long do you
> expect a new reviewer to have the "Trainee" status?

1) I'm certainly *hoping* for an influx of reviewers. The process is simply
not sustainable without more hands. Frumph had a mad rush to get the queue
back in line several weeks ago, but that certainly wasn't sustainable, as it
took basically all his time for about an entire week. I've been trying to do
the same, but I've been operating at a pace that is also not sustainable,
long-term. (That said, I'm going to try to clear out the Priority #2 Queue
tonight and tomorrow, as I have some free time.)

2) I would think that a new reviewer getting "Trainee" status would be as
simple as someone saying, "how do I review Themes?", and then you or Pross
adding that person to the Reviewer Trainee group, and setting them off to
work on the first available ticket. :)

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