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Tom Lany mail at tomlany.net
Fri Jun 18 16:17:45 UTC 2010

Joseph, Chip, and all,

I agree that the amount of spam/theme support, etc. messages seems to be 
a bit high on this list.  Could a more detailed message indicating that 
support requests will not be handled here be added to: 
http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/contact/.  Might I suggest something 
such as:

For WordPress support issues, including issues about themes in this 
directory, and theme programming help, please use the forums. Such 
requests will not receive a response here. <http://wordpress.org/support/>

If you have questions or suggestions about the features at 
http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/, or need to report a security 
problem with a theme in the directory, drop us an email at:








Also, I noticed that "Contact us" appears on the left column of all 
pages in the theme gallery.  This kind of "begs" for people to contact 
us about any questions they may have.  Could an "About" page be added, 
which would provide answers to some FAQs and link to this page, so as to 
cut down the asking of FAQs here.

Also, the "More Info" link could be changed to something like "Hosting 
your theme here".  We have recieved a few questions about how one would 
go about hosting their theme on this list.

I think by adding a bit more information to the website, we could cut 
down on the FAQ type questions we receive here, while providing people 
the information they want in a quicker manner.

If I could help with writing some things for the site, let me know.

Regarding the spam, I guess that is just a part of having Email, but is 
there a way we could put a tougher spam filter on themes at wordpress.org?

Tom Lany

On 6/18/10 10:59 AM, chip at chipbennett.net wrote:
> Joseph,
> The signal-to-noise level on this mail-list, from utter spam to
> out-of-scope messages (requesting theme support, etc.) is seriously going
> to make this mail-list unusable very quickly.
> Is there any way we can get some moderation?
> This would seem to be a relatively easy matter to correct, as join
> requests for the mail-list must be approved. It would seem that too many
> such join requests are getting approved.
> Perhaps you should have people interested in helping with *reviewing
> themes* contact you before requesting to join the mail-list, and only
> approve join requests from people who have contacted you beforehand?
> And similarly: can we stop forwarding themes at wordpress.org to this mail
> list? I have yet to see a single, non-spam come through from that email
> address.
> Let's cut down on the clutter, so we can get back to our intended work,
> shall we?
> (And on that note: I'd be happy to start my next theme review!)
> Chip
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