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Tom Lany mail at tomlany.net
Tue Jun 15 21:37:31 UTC 2010

Hi Randall,

Thanks for taking a look at some of these issues.

Regarding the DB query, you should be able to pull an avatar without a 
direct database query.  See line 37 of: 
for an example of how this is done in Twentyten (the new default theme).

Regarding the "image is displayed twice" issue, when I tested the theme, 
I saw two copies of the same image on an attachment image page.  To 
reproduce, upload an image on a post page.  For the link option in the 
image option dialog that appears once the image has been uploaded, 
choose "Post URL", and then insert the image into the post.  Click on 
the link, and you should see the double inserted image.


Tom Lany

On 6/15/10 3:14 PM, randall wrote:
> On 06/14/2010 11:53 PM, Joseph Scott wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 12:44 PM, Tom Lany<mail at tomlany.net>  wrote:
>>> Thanks for the note.
>>> I noticed that DB query, too, but didn't know how concerned I should be
>>> about those.  It would probably be best for the author to use the
>>> get_the_author function instead, as all they appear to be doing here is
>>> pulling an author name.  If they wanted to pull more information,
>>> http://codex.wordpress.org/Author_Templates might be a starting 
>>> place.  I
>>> would agree that this query should be probably be removed, but we 
>>> might want
>>> to get feedback on why it was included.
>>> I also noticed that ./lib/pngfix.js has an MIT license.  Is this 
>>> acceptable?
>> That's fine that particular item, but I didn't see anything that
>> indicated licensing terms for the whole theme.  Perhaps it is time to
>> require a license.txt file for every theme, or a "License:" line as
>> part of the theme header block in style.css.
> first of all apologies for replying to the wrong message in this list, 
> i subscribed to this list only later and am replying to some of the 
> posts by Tom Laney and Joseph Scott in the archive.
> second, thanks a lot for the constructive reviews. have uploaded 1.6 
> with some fixes
> below i supplied some answers, questions and fixes.
> have noticed these undefined index errors a while back and they had me 
> on a goose hunt, since there seem to be no problems when debug is of 
> and i was told they are harmless, so i left it there. if anybody knows 
> how to fix this tough i would love to hear.
> *depreciated get_the_author_email
> added a "fix"
> * large number of pages in the top pages-menu gets messy (same applies 
> for the category menu for a different reason)
> am aware of this and the number of pages in the sample data rips the 
> theme apart, am planning to look into this with the new menu system in 
> 3.0
> *screenshot
> resized
> *404 page
> added some description and a search bar
> * multiple page posts
> made page-links stand out a bit more
> *image is displayed twice
> ??? i could not find this? can you tell me more?
> *no license info
> added license.txt
> *Page nav at the top also overlaps the rss feed
> true, there is a way to limit to exclude pages and categories in the 
> admin section but it still looks sloppy, planning to fix this for wp 3.0
> *the category nav
> same as the pages, i definitely would appreciate pointers on this how 
> to do this with a gradient image bar
> *theme options are saved as separate WP options
> several of these will be useless in 3.0 so will eventually dissapear, 
> i'm re-designing this to have different option but it will take a while
> *direct DB query
> this is a female dog indeed, but not sure how it can do much harm. it 
> can be easily replaced with wp_list_authors but i could not find a way 
> to have the avatar listed nicely next to the authors.
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