[theme-reviewers] gabri v1.0

Joseph Scott joseph at automattic.com
Sat Jun 12 00:56:12 UTC 2010

I tested out threaded comments on this theme and them seem to mostly
work.  The only part that seemed a bit off was that clicking the reply
button didn't move the comment form next to the comment being replied
to ( which is a much better user experience ).  Can you double check

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 10:35 PM, Joey Baker <joey at byjoeybaker.com> wrote:
> Initial Reactions
> • post needs more padding. Especially for h2-h6
> • the font size is very small.
> • left and right aligned images needs a margin
> • the blue metadata bar is very confusing on the blue background.
> • The spacing between the post tags, and comment explainer text is too close
> • The gravatars in the comments need a left margin
> • add quotes around non-standard font names (should be 'Tahoma' )
> • I really appreciate that you've given each css element one line instead of
> breaking each style into one line!
> • you should really be specifying font-sizes as ems, not px
> • comments still appear as a bulleted list. You probably don't want that.
> Bugs
> • the nav doesn't know how to deal with sub pages. The easy fix is to
> specify the depth of pages you want to list. See:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/wp_list_pages
> • The theme doesn't handle threaded comments. Even though the theme template
> tags indicate it does
> Minor Changes
> • I'd probably add a rel="bookmark" and a tile="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>"
> to .home in the nav
> • FWIW, you seem to have a lot of container/wrap divs. It's not a big deal,
> but you can probably get away without some of them and make your code a
> little cleaner.
> • you wrap the the_title() in a lot of divs in order to accomplish your
> sliding rounded corners. Take a look at a CSS3 way of doing things
> http://www.css3.info/preview/rounded-border/ or consider using real
> slide-doors code http://kailoon.com/css-sliding-door-using-only-1-image/
> (this is a problem that can be fixed in several places)
> • FWIW .clear is usually titled .clearfix and if you'd like it to be IE6
> compatible it needs a bit more styling than just clear:both
> http://snipt.net/joeybaker/clearfix-9/
> • for SEO and semantic reasons, the titles of your widgets shouldn't be h1
> try h3
> • the comment on your sidebar specifies "Widgetized sidebar, if you have the
> plugin installed." It's no longer a widget :)
> • I'd add the following tags to your theme (in style.css): blue, widgets,
> yellow
> Security
> I'm not an expert, but I couldn't find any issues, and functions.php is
> essentially empty.
> Overall
> The biggest problems with this theme are:
> • nav inability to handle subpages in the nav.
> • threaded comments do not work despite the indication that they should.
> • The design has many spacing issues that just need some css love.
> Aside from that there's just some sloppy coding that can be touched up. I'd
> give this theme a ⅖ rating. I'm not a fan of the color scheme and the
> functionality is very basic.
> Test Notes: Safari 5 and Firefox 3.6 on Mac with WordPress 2.9.2 and no
> plugins activated.

Joseph Scott
joseph at josephscott.org

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