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Edward Caissie edward.caissie at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 12:35:40 UTC 2010

I agree with a (simplified) scorecard method as well, at least for the
initial review.

The points of the Theme Checklist should be satisfied at a minimum, than any
additional commentary can be provided at the reviewer's discretion as points
to consider, i.e.: aesthetics.


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>   1. Goals and Process (David Damstra)
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> Hi Joseph (and everyone else),
> First, is it Joseph or Joe?
> Second, can you clarify what exactly the goals are of a theme review?  What
> are we trying to accomplish? I realize we are trying to improve the quality
> and reliability of themes, but how is that going to work?  You've assigned
> some theme reviews to participants here, but they are reporting "problems"
> back to us, not to the author to fix.  Is there a process I am not seeing?
> It seems to me, and I apologize if I am speaking out of turn, is that all
> of
> the information on
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development_Checklist#Theme_Unit_Testcould
> be turned into a scorecard.  It's already broken up into sections.  Give
> each bullet list a line item with a 1-5 rating or a y/n and set a comment
> section for free form comments at the end of each sub  section. Then a
> theme
> submission could come in, be assigned to 3-5 of us, and we each complete a
> scorecard.  (heck portions of it could be automated.)  Then send these
> scorecards back to the theme author where they can digest what they have
> done right, and what needs improvement.  Without being too rigid, this
> process is crying for some formality of method.  This also gives the theme
> author feedback, but not at the whim of one reviewer since some of the
> points (aesthetics in particular) are very subjective.
> Just a thought...
> -David
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