[theme-reviewers] New Reviewer Standards

Bruce Wampler brucewampler at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 16:33:00 UTC 2010

  I've noticed a few comments that say "review a few themes yourself" to 
keep things moving. But I can't find a set of instructions on getting 
I would guess there are some some place? Specifically,

How does one get assigned a theme to review, and what steps must one follow
to be able to deny or approve a theme?

It seems to me from reading the themes comments that:

1. It must pass the wp_debug message test.
2. It must pass the Deprecated Calls Plugin test (so there must be a 
plugin for that?)
3. I must properly display all the test from the test data (which is 
about to have a
     new version released, I think).
4. It needs to support new wp 3 menus, and maybe other stuff? Which stuff?
5. Is there any judgment involved for how good the theme must be? Are simple
     themes that just give a new color scheme enough?

I would like to devote some time to reviewing themes, but I want to do 
it right, and
I haven't found answers to these questions. So perhaps when someone 
replies to
a question of "Why hasn't my theme been reviewed after a long time?" 
with "Help
us by reviewing some themes", you could also point to a place that tells 
us what
the next step is to do that.

Seems like the current reviewers all know these answers, and assume it 
is easy
for the rest of us to follow along. It isn't. It is scary to consider 
denying or approving
a theme, and just trying to figure it out from following the 
conversations on this
mail list is not enough.

Thanks in advance.

Bruce Wampler, Ph.D.

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