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You make a good point. I have tried to address these concerns by adding a
brief "How To Become a Theme Reviewer" section on the Theme Review page in
the Codex:


Please give it a read, and let me know if the instructions are clear
enough, or need further explanation/clarification.



>   I've noticed a few comments that say "review a few themes yourself" to
> help
> keep things moving. But I can't find a set of instructions on getting
> started.
> I would guess there are some some place? Specifically,
> How does one get assigned a theme to review, and what steps must one
> follow
> to be able to deny or approve a theme?
> It seems to me from reading the themes comments that:
> 1. It must pass the wp_debug message test.
> 2. It must pass the Deprecated Calls Plugin test (so there must be a
> plugin for that?)
> 3. I must properly display all the test from the test data (which is
> about to have a
>      new version released, I think).
> 4. It needs to support new wp 3 menus, and maybe other stuff? Which stuff?
> 5. Is there any judgment involved for how good the theme must be? Are
> simple
>      themes that just give a new color scheme enough?
> I would like to devote some time to reviewing themes, but I want to do
> it right, and
> I haven't found answers to these questions. So perhaps when someone
> replies to
> a question of "Why hasn't my theme been reviewed after a long time?"
> with "Help
> us by reviewing some themes", you could also point to a place that tells
> us what
> the next step is to do that.
> Seems like the current reviewers all know these answers, and assume it
> is easy
> for the rest of us to follow along. It isn't. It is scary to consider
> denying or approving
> a theme, and just trying to figure it out from following the
> conversations on this
> mail list is not enough.
> Thanks in advance.
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