[theme-reviewers] THEME: Suffusion - 3.5.4

Sayontan Sinha sayontan at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 11:08:27 UTC 2010

I have no idea what your comments mean. They give me no indication of what
you are asking me to fix.

   1. Your comment states
   "Please review the theme with the test data found in the Theme
   Development Checklist (TDC); and with *define('WP_DEBUG',
true);*included in wp-config.php
   (NB: functions deprecated in 3.0 should be addressed but are not
   show-stoppers at this time.)"
   When I actually look at the log, ALL the points you have listed are debug
   "*notices*", not "*errors*" as you state, and they have no bearing on
   what shows up on a user's screen. Also, I hope you understand that running
   something with debug turned on will only present debug information at the
   best - not bonafide error information.
   2. Also, the theme has been checked against the TDC multiple times and
   there is nothing on that list which the theme fails.
   3. Coming to the individual "errors" you listed, I don't think you did a
   diff with the previous version. Of all the files you listed, I haven't
   touched most of them since the past 5-10 releases, if not more (e.g.
   theme-definitions.php, most of the files in the widgets folder etc). Hence
   if they are truly errors, none of the last several versions should have been
   4. Also, can you please do a proper review? Your comments seem to apply
   to version 3.5.3, while the version I submitted is version 3.5.4. A simple
   check. I am being showed a line in actions.php, line 1414 which apparently
   has an undefined variable called "ret".

This theme review process is getting quite absurd. I am being provided
comments for a version that is *already live (3.5.3) *and being told that it
has innumerable errors (which are really debug notices that don't impact the
theme), all while version 3.5.3 has had 15,000+ downloads so far that seem
to be going fine for the users. Wonder how it got approved, then, in the
first place?

Can someone please do a proper review and not just provide me with a list of
debug notices? I understand that you guys have a backlog of reviews, but
frankly, before the theme review experiment started (
reviews always seemed a much more streamlined and enjoyable process. The
feedback I received from Joseph was timely, more precise and to the point,
and always helped improve the theme, quite unlike the interminable delays
and incomplete feedback that I am seeing now.


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