[theme-reviewers] Some qs about Black Queen 1.0 theme

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Mon Dec 20 23:20:44 UTC 2010

#2) after the_content() is used, anything that is inside of the post that has been floated has the possibilty of everything after it floating, so after the_content() is used, floats must be cleared.  T his is recognizably very easily on a post that has multiple pages.   Toss an image in the post and float it left, if the pages [1][2][3] appears to the right of it, its not clearing the floats as needed after the_content() displays.

<div class="entry">
    <?php the_content(); ?>
    <div class="clear"></div>>
 <?php wp_link_pages(); ?>

#1) this means that the css borders padding and margins are too encompassing to allow 4 columns, adjust as necessary so that 4 columns can display in the content area.

#3) Lookup the function wp_enqueue_style() and use it to load your .css files, the only one that should have a resemblence in the header is the designated first style.css that should be above all the rest.   If there is a reason for the order then I suggest combining the css files into one.   If they are loaded for a reason and can be enabled disabled wp_enqueue_style is definately needed.

Other notes are that this theme seems to resemble several others on the repository, we do not allow child themes at this time and the only way that multiple themes of the same variety are allowed coding wise is if they all have distinct functions unique to themself that the others do not do.,  not just design.

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  Hello All,

  I have created a theme
  and uploaded into trac.wordpress.org.  It was tested recently and rejected until I fix the following:

  1) // Galleries with more than three columns aren't shown correctly. Test [gallery columns="4"] and it breaks the gallery.» //

  I looked into the stadard wordpress theme and when tested it there was the same error.
  It can't look well with 4 colums, the best look is 3 columns. Could you explain what to do in this case?

  2. // Floated elements aren't cleared in the post content. This only seems to be the case when usingwp_link_pages().»//

  I can not decipher this statement. Could you help

  3. //«Additional stylesheets should be appropriately loaded using wp_enqueue_style()»//

  What does it mean?

  The main style in my theme is the same as it is in the standard wp theme ( the perfect sample). An additional style is also added according to the codex. At least it is the same as it's in this accepted themehttp://wordpress.org/extend/themes/fudo

  Many thanks in advance


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