[theme-reviewers] Some qs about Black Queen 1.0 theme

Ford Mon fordmon at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 23:09:41 UTC 2010


Hello All,

I have created a theme
and uploaded into trac.wordpress.org.  It was tested recently and rejected
until I fix the following:

1) // Galleries with more than three columns aren't shown correctly.
Test [gallery columns="4"] and it breaks the gallery.» //

I looked into the stadard wordpress theme and when tested it there was the
same error.
It can't look well with 4 colums, the best look is 3 columns. Could you
explain what to do in this case?

2. // Floated elements aren't cleared in the post content. This only seems
to be the case when usingwp_link_pages().»//

I can not decipher this statement. Could you help

3. //«Additional stylesheets should be appropriately loaded
using wp_enqueue_style()»//

What does it mean?

The main style in my theme is the same as it is in the standard wp theme (
the perfect sample). An additional style is also added according to the
codex. At least it is the same as it's in this accepted theme

Many thanks in advance
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